Onilude Segun
2 min readNov 14, 2020


My dear friend, many systems determines the way life turns out for the people living in it and these systems are universal regardless of your tribe or race.And its always an advantage for the person who gets to know these system and how they work. One of such systems is what I will be communicating to you in this letter.

One of the vital factors that is responsible for the realities people experience in life and usually for the differences between two people is the way they see things — perspectives. Perspectives is everything in life , because it will determine how you respond to situations and make decisions at every point in life. That means, your perspectives is a major determinant factor as to whether you make the right or wrong choices in life.

Many components compound in our mind to shape our view about different situations, ranging from our beliefs to the environment we grew up to our association and so many others. And seeing the important of this subject matter to making the right choices in life , it means that the best position to be is to have the right and correct perspective about matters as it will strongly determine our actions.

So my dear friend , seeing that there are many components that shapes our perspectives it will mean you have to deliberately choose rightly some of all these components to correct wrong perspectives and build better ones.I give a brief outline below that can help shape your perspectives:

  • Expose yourself to a better environment that will challenge your limited mindset and give you bigger pictures (remember , exposure is an encounter).
  • Look up to people who exemplify possibilities around your different areas of interest, don’t surround yourself with people who represent impossibilities.
  • Get relevant books in your areas of belief and interests to broaden your knowledge and get right notions about different things in life.

Above all, my dear friend ,God’s perspective is the best perspective to every matters of life so you will want to get more deliberate with aligning yourself with the mind of God through consistent prayer and study of His word.That way your personal recognition system will be tuned to the way God thinks and when you are to make decisions , the God perspective will inform your decision.

My dear friend, I believe this letter is of great help to you, I love to hear from you and maybe discuss this further than this. Keep staying safe, I miss you and I hope to see you soon.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.



Onilude Segun

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